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5 Home Selling Tips for Homeowners Who are Not Selling (Yet)

Selling your home may be an idea you are seriously considering, but that does not mean you are ready to put your home on the market just yet. You may be waiting to pay off your mortgage, you may be waiting for the kids to move out, or you may not be ready yet to […]

February 11

9 Ways to Get Rid of Clutter and Refresh Your Home for Spring

February is a great time to get organized.  The holidays are over, but we are all still somewhat housebound.   It’s the perfect time to get the house/closets/garage/basement/attic cleaned out. Let’s get started! 1. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  One room at a time It can be overwhelming to think about cleaning out your […]

5 Ways to Host the Perfect, Mess Free Super Bowl Party

If you are hosting a big party to celebrate Super Bowl 50, you probably want it to be an event that you and your guests remember for years to come. But Super Bowl parties can be messy: Crumbs and dirt from your guests’ shoes can embed themselves in your carpet, drinking glasses and plates can […]